Quick and Easy Gift Ideas for Multi Crafters


Like many of you I am a multi-crafter. I crochet, sew, knit, spin, and even find a little time for scrapbooking, sculpting, and DIY upcycling (recycling an old item into something new and different). And some of my favorite craft projects are quick and easy little gifts.

Under my bed you will find a little box with a rotating supply of handmade presents for a variety of gift giving needs from a baby shower to a little something just to let someone know you are thinking about them. Small gifts are also a wonderful way to learn a new technique or craft, and these gifts provide the perfect opportunity to use up scrap bits of yarn left over from larger projects. I am always looking for a good stashbusting project. My copy of Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet by Mags Kandis is bristling with sticky notes carefully marking gift-giving ideas. I'll share a few of my favorites with you, but you really should browse through all of the projects because there are more fabulous gifts than I have room to show you.


The Felted Trivet + Coasters and Felted Yule Bling (see below) are both excellent stash busters. You can work them in a coordinating combination of colors and they are great for experimenting with felting. You don't have to worry about them overfelting and not fitting. These would also be perfect projects for a beginning crocheter to learn the principles of increases. I have a good friend who would love the quirky fun design of the coasters. And if you are looking for a project that will keep you from getting bored these projects aren't finished yet. Once you have dried your felted circles you can practice needlefelting and embroidery techniques by following the easy instructions. 
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Maybe you want to try something a little different with a knitted project. My best friend would adore the Petaled Slouch Cap with its Crochet Flower Brooch. The cap includes a charted flower on the crown to gently stretch your knitting knowledge, while the crocheted flower embellishment uses beaded fringe to add a little sparkle.

Baby's First Felted Feet booties (see below) are definitely on my To Do list. The knitting is quite easy and you can once again practice your felting, needlefelting, and embroidery talents. Including felting and drying time these little guys could easily be worked in a couple of evenings and would add a cozy touch to any baby outfit.


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 Spacer 20x20 pixels   Petaled Slouch Cap with its Crochet Flower Brooch
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And if the upcycling bug bites me there are fabulous quick and easy pattern using old felted sweaters. I might work the Arm Cozies (see below) pattern for my niece who loves to play dress up. And because these cozies are created from the sleeve of the sweater there isn't even any sewing involved. Just add some simple embroidery and wrap with a lovely bow.

But if you're dying to pull the sewing machine out, I'd suggest the Notebook or Netbook Cozy. A small amount of fabric and lining are all you need for this simple project. Then decorate as instructed or add your own personal flair to customize it for your recipient.


 Notebook or Netbook Cozy    Spacer 20x20 pixels

And if there still aren't enough crafts to keep you entertained, check out the delightful little recipes sprinkled among the patterns. I simply have to try the Mexican Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Sugar. They would make excellent gifts as well. So get your copy of Gifted and start your handmade gift projects today!

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P.S. Check out Mags Kandis' video demonstrating how to make her Bevy of Bangles.

 Felted Yule Bling
Baby's First Felted Feet  Arm Cozies

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