Put the Finishing Touches on Your Handmade Cards

I used to really enjoy the process of choosing, signing, and mailing holiday cards. In this era of instant email and Facebook, the past few years my card sending has dwindled to a scattering of last minute notes mailed to grandparents, aunts, and uncles who aren't constantly logged on to the internet. 

This year I decided I missed the thrill of sending and receiving physical cards in the mail. So along with my digital copy of Interweave's Compendium of Finishing Techniques, a little time and a few swatches, a couple of motifs, and some left-over yarn, I am in the process of creating personalized cards that reflect my passion for fiber and crochet. 

I am always searching for good uses for my gauge swatches. The idea of spending even a short amount of time, energy, and yarn on something that will not be put to good use really bothers me. Here are a couple of the ways I've come up with to creatively utilize swatches: Try using yarn swatches to wrap a small gift by adding a fun button to one corner and button loops to the other three corners. Or use a swatch as the background on a card, partially covering the swatch with a square of paper on which you write a brief note. 

No swatches on hand? Quickly crochet up a few motifs and affix them to cardstock. Using a sharp needle you can add a few embroidery stitches to create stems, leaves, small birds, snowflakes, or a whipstitched tree outline.

The possibilities are endless. With each page of the Compendium I scroll through, the ideas multiply. Hmm-I could create braids or tassels and affix them to the corners of the cards or to brightly wrapped packages. (The Chinese Flower closure, shown above, adds a wonderful touch to a notebook or journal.) 

So log on to your computer and download your own copy of Interweave's Compendium of Finishing Techniques today. Then join me in spending a delightful afternoon crafting personalized touches to share our love of fiber with others in the form of quick-to-stitch cards and giftwraps.


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