Preventing the Twist: Working with Two Colors

If you have ever worked a project in more than one color without fastening of, you know how quickly your yarns will twist around each other and how frustrating that twisting can become. If you are new to crochet colorwork, hopefully we will be able to save you the angst. Here I am working the Lotus Circle motif from the Harmony Guides: Crochet Stitch Motifs.

When you are working with 2 colors one yarn ball will always be in front of the other ball. It doesn't matter which color you have in front. I worked with the green ball closer to me and the pink ball behind the green ball or farther away from me.

When changing colors in the middle of the round from the green yarn to the pink yarn, wrap the pink yarn (or yarn farthest away from you) over the top of the green yarn (or yarn closet to you) capturing the green yarn between the yarn over and the project.

When changing back to the yarn closest to you, do not wrap the yarn around the pink yarn (or yarn farthest from you). Simply drop the pink yarn, yarn over with the green yarn, and continue working in single crochet over the top of the pink yarn.

Now you can spend more time crocheting and less time untangling your yarn. If you have tips for working with multiple colors share them in the comments section below.

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