Press for the CGOA Chainlink Conference

This article today in the San Francisco Chronicle is hilarious. Kudos to the the writer, who managed to report on the conference while at the same time subtly pointing out the absurd.

"The main myth is that knitters and crocheters are largely old ladies, said the conventioneers, who were largely old ladies."

That's true. It may be a myth that knitters and crocheters are largely old ladies, but you wouldn't know it from being here. There is a severe underepresentation of young people, and we should change that. If I haven't said so recently, I highly recommend you join the CGOA. It's inexpensive and is composed of some of the most passionate and creative crocheters around. The courses offered at conferences are fabulous, and we all know that crocheting is more fun when you do it with friends.

"The convention continues through Sunday. Tonight, knitters and crocheters, who are the best of friends and call each other 'sister stitchers,' will hold their annual dinners and fashion shows — in separate ballrooms with separate tickets required for each."

That's also true. But not to worry — I've been talking with some pretty cool people about bringing crochet and knitting together for some jolly frolicking.

Now I need to pack.

And I also need to show you Day 4 from our trip to Burbank. I may be terrible at being timely, but I think you'll enjoy the photos. If for no other reason than I'm feeling egomaniacal at the moment.

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