Practice Makes Perfect . . . Eventually

I'm sure you're all familiar with the phrase "practice makes perfect." So not practicing makes imperfect, right? I learned that the hard way this week. After my first crochet lesson, I vowed to practice the stitches we'd learned, but unfortunately, life got in the way. I didn't practice at all (sorry, Sarah), and the result was total regression. I had forgotten everything, so during my second lesson, I just worked on single crochet while my fellow learners forged ahead with double crochet.

Single Crochet Swatch




Lesson learned! Seeing the results of not practicing made me vow, once again, to practice. This time I actually kept my vow–but I still got lost along the way.

Christmas Tree Swatch I'm dropping a lot of stitches, which left me with something resembling the bottom half of a Christmas tree. (Just think if the yarn had been green! I could have made people think I was dropping those stitches on purpose.)
Ribbed Swatch

So, I pulled that apart and decided to start over. I forgot my trusty blue practice yarn at the office, however, so I picked a random skein from my stash (which is actually fairly impressive for a total novice) and worked with that. I made a few rows before my hands started to get fatigued, but they turned out fairly well.

When I showed this to Sarah, she said my tension was getting better, which was really encouraging. But she also let me know (very nicely, of course) that I was doing the stitch wrong! I was going under just the back loop, which created a ribbed look, as you can see. It looks alright, though, and it's nice to know I can create a ribbed effect if I want to . . .

Good Single Crochet Swatch 

With all that in mind, I started a new practice swatch with my old blue yarn. Concentrating hard on tension and going through both loops on the stitches, I spent quite a while creating these few rows. The effort was definitely worth it, though–it's looking better all the time, and I know I'd rather spend the time making sure everything is correct than work quickly and have to start over.





I'll be practicing this weekend, and I'm hoping to become more comfortable with single crochet so I can move on to (or re-learn) half double crochet during next week's lesson. For that, I'm planning to learn from Sarah, with guidance from Kim Werker's blog "Demystifying Double Crochet – How to Double Crochet for Beginners." I'm really motivated by all the super cute holiday projects I keep seeing! I won't be able to make anything in time for Halloween, but I have my eye on this Holiday Lights Garland from our DIY Holiday magazine. I have two months–I hope that's enough time!


Happy crocheting!































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