POW: Labryrinths Cardigan Shows Off Mandalas

Love of Crochet Spring 2017 came out last week, and we’ve chosen its unique cover project, the Labyrinths Cardigan as Pattern of the Week (POW). If you are a fan of the current “all about mandalas” craze, now you can turn a series of them into a beautiful sweater. Robyn Chachula’s design for this issue is truly unique.

mandalasCascade Yarns Longwood Sport, a soft superwash merino yarn, seems to have been made for this design. We chose a neutral joining color (oatmeal) to make the mandalas’ bright colors (deep ocean, sky heather, cream, and peach) pop. Though with Longwood Sport’s thirty-eight color options, the color possibilities for this cardigan are endless!

Don’t let the Labyrinths Cardigan’s skill level (four dots) scare you off. We share the pattern with you in a multitude of ways to make it easy to follow. Each motif has written instructions for each round and a stitch chart, so you canread the instructions as well as visualize them. Written instructions as well as charts accompany each partial motif as well.

Partial motifs create shaping for the cardigan. Once you begin joining the motifs, an assembly diagram shows where to place each one. The charts and assembly diagram make this pattern far easier to follow. The different sizes of the cardigan are accomplished by using different hook sizes to join. As long as you are familiar with slip stitch, chain, single crochet, half double crochet, treble crochet, front post treble crochet, and working in the round, you can manage this sweater. Reference our online crochet glossary if any of those stitches are unfamiliar, but you are game to try the Labyrinths Cardigan!

I love it when a pattern includes clear visuals to help with construction—they make everything so much easier to follow. Plus, you can get into the rhythm of mandalas as you work this gorgeous cardi. Happy mandala stitching to you!

—Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

Spring Into Mandalas with Love of Crochet