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A few years ago, I read a really interesting piece on Slate about the prevalence of granny-square blankets in TV shows. It seems like you can find them everywhere, from Roseanne to Mad Men to Parks and Recreation. Even if you’re just a casual TV viewer, you’ve likely seen a crocheted blanket on one of your favorite shows. They’re part of America’s living room, lending a comfy, handmade-by-grandma vibe to every space they’re in. It’s no wonder TV set designers love them—they look like something that might be in your own home. In fact, I have an awesome crocheted blanket draped over the back of my living-room sofa.

I think that cozy, TV-inspired aesthetic is what made me fall in love with Maryse Roudier’s Happy Hexagons Throw from Favorite Crochet Blankets. It looks like something your favorite TV character (or your grandma) might have in her house. It feels familiar. But the Happy Hexagons Throw puts a spin on the classic granny-square blanket with a modern design that uses super-bright colors and hexagon motifs instead of squares.

crocheted blanket

Neons and bold hues are really popular right now, and this blanket mixes them up in interesting ways for a riotous combination of colors that somehow all work together in harmony.
For those who are cautious around color, Roudier provides tips on choosing them. She recommends using a balance of warm and cool colors in each hexagon and using mostly vibrant hues to create a jewel-tone effect for the whole piece. She also advises adding in a couple of “ugly” colors such as murky olive or 1970s gold to make the more attractive colors pop. Most importantly, she recommends experimenting with your colors and making crazy combinations; the individual hexagons might not be perfect, but they’ll blend together in the finished blanket to create a really fabulous piece.
crocheted blanket
This throw uses a ton of colors—26 in Roudier’s version, to be exact—which makes it great for stash-busting. I’d probably buy a few new skeins in colors I love and make up the rest with yarns from my stash. What a great way to use up leftover yarn and end up with an awesome finished product!

The Happy Hexagons Throw is composed of 121 hexagon motifs that are created in strips and then joined as you go. The motifs are all the same (except for the colors, of course), so once you get the hang of the stitch pattern you can really crank them out. The simple edging is worked at the end in 2 colors that help tie the whole piece together, literally and figuratively!

Do you have a favorite crocheted blanket in your house? Have you seen crocheted blankets in any of your favorite TV shows? Let me know in the comments!


P.S. Mod granny squares and bold colors not your thing? There are plenty of other blankets to choose from in Favorite Crochet Blankets! There are chevrons, pineapples, lace, and even shark’s teeth—you’re sure to find something you love.

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