POW: Flibbertigibbet Shawlette

This week’s project of the week is the Flibbertigibbet Shawlette designed by Jen Lucas from Interweave Crochet Winter 2017. It’s part of the Sound of Stitches story featuring projects inspired by Maria VonTrapp.

The Sound of Music was the first movie I can remember staying up late to watch, with my parents’ permission. Since I love it, I was thrilled to see how it inspired a series of projects in my favorite crochet magazine. All of the projects in this fun to work and beautiful to wear. Bright crochet edging, and warm woolen mittens, brown cable vests made up with string, these are a few of my favorite things! shawlette

But the Flibbertigibbet Shawlette is my favorite because of its bright red color and a delightful edging stitch down one side. The shawl is made from Stitch Sprouts Yellowstone, a sportweight blend of wool and silk with beautiful drape, softness, and warmth. If red isn’t your color, consider the other shades of Yellowstone, all inspired by the great outdoors. You may already know that Stitch Sprouts was started by fabulous designer and instructor Heather Zoppetti (find more of her designs, books, and videos at Interweave).

For Flibbertigibbet, Jen Lucas chose an asymmetrical shape that really shows off the trim edging. While crocheting, you increase on one side of the shawl only. The increased side becomes the bottom edge of the shawl. This project requires some concentration, but the stitch pattern is easily memorized and there is minimal shaping. Once you get into the flow of the pattern, you just need to remember how many rows you have completed.

Where will you wear your Flibbertigibbet Shawlette? What color will you make it in? I’m looking forward to wearing mine around the Interweave offices.

—Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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