POW: Snowflake Shawl

This week’s project is the Snowflake Shawl designed by Natasha Robarge from Love of Crochet Winter 2016. It is a truly beautiful shawl unlike any I have ever made before and a favorite among our readers on Ravelry. (Visit Love of Crochet on Ravelry to weigh in on your favorite projects if you already have an account set up!)
The Snowflake Shawl uses Manos Del Uruguay Serena (distributed by Fairmount Fibers), a luscious blend of baby alpaca and pima cotton that produces super soft fabric. The majority of the shawl is made with the Natural colorway and the finishing border is worked in the Zebra colorway. Mix up the color you use for finishing to add your own personal touch or make the entire shawl in a bright color of your choice: Serena comes in over fifty different color options, so the possibilities are endless.crochet shawl

This shawl’s unique construction is created by making a series of hexagons and half hexagons. Love of Crochet includes the written pattern for these hexagons as well as a stitch chart diagram with visuals on the different stitches in each motif. Additionally, the pattern includes an assembly key to show you exactly how each of the hexagons and half hexagons join to create the lovely shape of this shawl.

The structure of this shawl makes it loose and easy to gather, so it can be worn a multitude of ways. Its beautiful open motifs look beautiful worn long down the back and over the shoulders. Or try wearing it sideways over the shoulder to show off the stitch pattern, or as a wrap-around scarf for added warmth. Check out tomorrow’s blog (What Would Dudek Do: 5 Ways to Wear a Crochet Shawl) shawl for more ideas on ways you can style this beautiful pattern.

What colors will you use to make your Snowflake Shawl?

—Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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