POW: Blomma Cowl

The Blomma Cowl designed by Anastasia Popova from Love of Crochet Winter 2016 is this week’s pattern of the week! The pattern features colorwork, wonderful winter hues, a picot edging and everything that is alluring about winter.

The pattern uses Valley Yarns Northampton in natural, light gray, burgundy, and dark gray. I think these colors make the perfect color combination for winter, bringing in a Scandinavian touch of the season and a little bit of holiday.Mix up how our chosen colors are used, or choose your own palette from Northampton’s thirty-seven colors! Valley Yarns Northampton is 100% wool so it will keep you cozy all through the winter months.
The pattern begins with post stitches that form a beautiful ribbing reminiscent of knitted cowls. It then goes into a colorwork sequence, starting with a jagged stripe in light gray, progressing to burgundy snowflakes, and then going back to the light gray stripe Finish up both edges of the cowl with a beautiful picot stitch in dark gray.

The pattern note states that when working with multiple colors, you should carry the nonworking color behind and work over. I’ll share with you an added tip for working with color: Crocheters are lucky (unlike knitters who work stranded colors) because we can work our stitches over the carried color. We don’t have a lot of loose strands or floats hanging out on the inside of the cowl.

But there’s a downside: sometimes when working over the carried yarn, our single crochet stitches don’t entirely cover the nonworking color. If bits of that nonworking color show through, it dampens the color effect. To eliminate this problem, carry the yarn tucked just behind the top most part of the previous row. In this way, the carried yarn will be inside the current row of working stitches, and slightly behind the worked row of the previous round. This position makes it a lot harder for that carried color to show through. It’s especially easy to use this trick when you are working in the round, as you do with this cowl.

Try out this new tip on a super-cute cowl. I have no doubt you will want to wear this all winter long. Happy stitching!

—Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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