Portland, How I Love Thee

It didn't even rain. It's not even raining now, as I sit at PDX waiting to board my flight to Denver.

I spent all day at Yarn Garden yesterday, and I sort of wish I didn't have to leave. Not even to play in Portland with Megan (oh yes, we did go to Powells and to Anthropologie, and we shared a fabulous pint over burgers at the end of an awesome day). Yarn Garden is gorgeous, to look at as much as to touch (everything). And they have a coffee shop. I spent most of my time in the coffee shop, teaching and schmoozing.

In the morning, we had a blast making granny squares. In a packed cafe. It was a riot of colour and conversation, with tips and a-ha moments abounding. And Bonnie Pierce was there (not that she couldn't teach the class — likely better — herself)! She is so overwhelmingly talented. It was a rush to see some of her free form WIPs.

Showing off granny squares

Granny squares made during class

Here's Lise with her giant yarn ball (it was Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn. I still have yet to find an opportunity to pick some up. It was gorgeous).
Lise & her giant yarn ball

Here I am with Bonnie. Have I mentioned how amazing she is? She made her shawl around the inspiration of a single skein of yellow angora yarn. Until then, she wasn't a fan of yellow.Me & Bonnie Pierce

Oh, her colour sense!
Bonnie Pierce's freeform crochet

Oh, the delight in chatting all day about crochet with awesome, crafty and artsy Portlanders (the store owner, Linda, is second from the right), surrounded by delicious yarn and coffee. I won't be able to stay away from this city for too long. Gotta get Mr Crochet Me and Cleo on board for a wee road trip next year.

Chatting at Yarn Garden

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