Popularity. Hmphh. (Help!)

Remember when we launched the Spring issue and crochetme.com went kablooey? Good times. You were all so eager and patient. You rock.

When we first moved to a dedicated server (most websites are hosted on servers that are shared between several sites; we got big enough that we needed a server all to ourselves), we were pretty impressed by how much more expensive our hosting became. So naive, we were. Turns out that was just for ye olde basic entry-level dedicated server hosting. As time passed, we began to experience glitches during times of high traffic, and we upgraded our server's memory twice. The last time maxed it out, and I'm choked up when I say that we've outgrown our entry-level server. Especially with all the changes coming, it's time to upgrade. Give me your hand; you can feel my heart constrict as I swallow the tripling of our hosting costs. At least DreamHost are really fun to talk to and they've been there with us during all these growing pains. In about a week, we will experience some downtime as the site is physically moved to a new server; I'll let you know more when I know it.

And so here I come with a rousing request for some grassroots support. The Crochet Me CafePress shop has truly languished over the last couple of years. I mean, that stuff is b-o-r-i-n-g, and as you might expect, sales are nil. Now, daydream with me for a sec if you will (cue harps)… If we happened to, say, have some really freaking awesome Crochet Me schwag for sale, we might, if the moon and stars and crocheters are aligned perfectly, achieve three pretty amazing things in one fell swoop.

  1. We'd make crocheters everywhere happy to wear their pride
  2. We'd spread the Crochet Me word, thus enhancing the lives of crocheters everywhere
  3. We'd help to offset the heart-stopping hosting costs our popularity demands

Can you help? Got some mad drawing/illustration/typography/witty skillz? Feel like spending a few minutes with CafePress's image preparation guidelines? Want good crochet karma? And maybe some schwag and love from me? If so, help us make our wee shop kick some serious ass! I can send you our logo if you want it. Come the relaunch our new slogan will be, “Fueling the crochet revolution.”

Rest assured that if I pick your design (I might pick more than one!) you'll receive credit and link love, and if there's room, we'll put an “In partnership with –you–” on the schwag someplace. And I'll be your new best friend. Even if you already have a healthy social life. You won't be able to get rid of me. Seriously.

Email me (kim at crochetme dot com). I'll be refreshing my inbox constantly.

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