Polar Lucibear- Amigurumi Calendar Contestant

Amigurumi-Polar-Lucibear Amigurumi-Polar-Lucibear2

Polar Lucibear is the cutest polar bear you’ll ever see, but don’t let his looks fool you! His favorite pastime is hunting for ring seals. With a good sniff from his nose and a careful listen using his perfectly rounded ears, Polar Lucibear can locate the exact location of any ring seal hiding under the ice. After a long, silent wait…BAM!!! The ice breaks from the powerful impact of his characteristic polar bear paws and he emerges with a ring seal tightly clasped within his razor-sharp fangs.  Polar Lucibear is a mere 5 inches tall, but he sure is dangerously cute!

Congrats to Polar Lucibear for being one of the winners.

Download crochet patterns for the Amigurumi Calendar project winners here.

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