Pluck Fresh Spring Patterns in the Interweave Store

Ah, spring! Crocuses, daffodils, and tulips are in full bloom in my garden. All through town, the purple strands of redbud mingle with the bright green of new leaves in a dance of newness.

And, in the Interweave Store, new patterns are blooming. And, like the hyacinth that pops up where I forgot it was planted, these patterns surprise me every time, as I see them anew. I hope you find a fresh bloom of your own among these!

Raspberry and Lime Purse
Chloe Nightingale

I have a thing about bags. Some people (like my husband) might call it a problem, but I like to just think of myself as a bag enthusiast. And it's important to have the right bag for the right task. This bag is really perfect for a fresh crochet project. It's worked in tapestry crochet, so it's super sturdy—and really fun to make. This colorway reminds me one of those springtime tulips.

Bouquet Stole
Lisa Naskrent

And here is the perfect spring project to put in that bag! The rich blooms on this stole are a crocheted symphony to spring, right down to the perky leafy edging. This rectangular stole is perfectly elegant draped over a dress. Or make it a delicious celebration of spring worn over more casual attire.


Geometry Dress
Lily Chin

I love this dress and totally want to make it! The asymmetrical hem and flowy skirt is terrifically playful. I have a tween in the house who would love wearing this dress over leggings or skinny jeans. I get the joy of making it and she gets the joy of wearing it. Win, win!


Kathryn in Beauly Dress and Hat
Kathy Merrick

I must go out and find a baby so I can crochet this colorful beauty. I love the round yoke and simple construction. The colors keep the simple stitching moving along. Within a couple of crochet group meetings and a round of Glee, this dress could be romping in the sandbox with a happy girl.

Ridge Swing Cardigan
Robyn Chachula

When you are done, done, done with wearing a coat, but still need some warmth, this is the cardigan for you. It has the classic lines of a blazer, perfect for the office. But the slimming elegance of the chevron stitch takes it beyond the office to afternoon tea or an evening out. Working the diagonal stitching makes this a very fun project to crochet.


Take a stroll through our pattern garden and pluck the bloom that speaks to you!







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