Planting Seeds Flower Pot Cozy


Tamara Kelly


This year our family had 6 teachers we wanted to thank – all of whom have helped our children in profound and wonderful ways. And, like most families, we’re on a budget. So for our special teachers this year, I came up with the Planting Seeds Flower Pot Cozy and printable card!

This really is a fantastic teacher gift for those on a budget. For each gift, I spent as follows:

Cotton Yarn: $0.90
Flower pot: $0.78
Begonia (sold in an 8 pack for $3.33): $0.42
Potting Soil: approximately $0.20
Card: a few cents for printer ink and paper

TOTAL: less than $2.50 each!

But as with all handmade things, it’s more than it’s parts. Fill the card with thanks and it’ll be a lovely gift that lasts all summer long!

Materials List

  • US – H, 5.00mm hook
  • 50 yards total worsted weight yarn in 3 colors (Lily Sugar’n Cream and Spinrite Peaches & Creme shown)
  • 4.25″ terra cotta flower pot
  • Put a Bird On It Applique (optional)

The Pattern

For the free Planting Seeds Flower Pot Cozy and Printable Cards, please click here!

If you’d like to skip the cozies but want to Put a Bird On It, please click here!

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