Pixie Hat


My son wanted a hat that resembled his favourite character Link from the Legend of Zelda games.  So I went ahead and thought of this pattern off the top of my head an I am here to share it with you guys!


Materials List

I used bright green wool

a size 5 crochet hook


Finished Size

this was made to fit my boys head, an its fairly long, but you can make it as big or as small as you want


Decrease stitch – insert hook in stitch, yo, pull through, insert hook in next stitch, yo, pull through and yo to attach all the stitches together.

sc = single crochet

The Pattern

This is very simple!

Chain as many chains you need to fit your childs head (I chained 80 – hes 8 yrs old with a large noggin like mine) DO NOT TWIST CHAIN because you’ll be working in a continuously.

single crochet around for about 20-22 rounds, you can use a stitch marker to help you count how many rows you have.

start decreasing at this point.  sc for 10 stitches, decrease stitch, sc for 10, decrease stiotch and so forth. Do only 1 row of decreasing.  If it doesnt match up to the beginning stitch, dont worry cuz your going to do about 10-15 rows after you did the 1 row of decreasing., depending on how long you want it.

Once you reached your 10 or 15 rows, do 1 row of decreasing again, but this time your going to sc for 9, decrease, sc for 9, decrease and so forth.  Once you reach the beginning stitch (or around it) sc for 10-15 rows, depending on how long you want it.

Once your done that, do another row of decreasing, sc for 8, decrease, sc for 8, decrease and so forth, then sc for 10-15 rows,  depending on how long you want it.

Once your done that, sc for 7, decrease, sc for 7 decrease and so forth.  Sc for 10-15 rows

Sc for 6, decrease, sc for 6, decrease and so forth.  Sc for 10-15 rows…Do you see the pattern here?!?! hee hee hee

sc for 5, decrease, sc for 5 decrease and so forth, sc for 10-15 rows depending on how long you want the hat…

As long as your decreasing for one row, then crocheting for 10-15 rows in between each row of decreasing, you’ll notice that its shaping like a cone!

Once you reach the end of the hat, where you just cant seem to crochet anymore, just keep decreasing until there isnt anymore you can decrease and tie off!

Voila! Your pixie hat!


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