Pinteresting People

You know of Pinterest, right? It's a website that functions like an online corkboard – you can "pin" images you like to it, organized by folders and tags. Best of all, you can follow other people and see what they're pinning.

For a crafter, Pinterest is like a firehose of inspiration. I can only look at my Pinterest stream a couple of times a week, lest I lose HOURS of my day.

Sometimes, though, I'll check out just one person's stream. It's cool to see what someone's finding interesting of late.

And there are crochet designers on Pinterest. How neat to see the kinds of things Candi Jensen finds cute, and the colors that Kathy Merrick finds – oh, it's a visual delight.

Source: via Candi on Pinterest


And you can search Pinterest, too. Look what a search for "Doris Chan" turns up.

All this, and it's a useful tool for keeping track of your own inspirations, too.

Oh yes. I'm a big fan.

(I'm on there as kpwerker, if you want to see the sorts of things I enjoy looking at.)

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