Pink, Blue, Yellow, and More: Crocheting with Color

"The rules of color theory don't interest me as much as experimentation and picking up colors and swatching and turning them into something that excites your eyes." — Kathy Merrick.

Babette Blanket  

Kathy Merrick is my color idol. Her gorgeous Babbette Blanket, one of her most famous patterns and one of my favorites, uses a total of seventeen different colors. How did she choose seventeen colors that all work together?

In her new workshop, Colorful Crochet with Kathy Merrick, Kathy shares her tricks for working with multiple colors, from choosing the right combination of colors to designing with multiple colors. I took several pages of notes while watching this workshop and almost wore out my rewind button.

Here are only a few of my favorite tips for crocheting with color:

 Twiggy Dress

Find Inspiration All Around You

The hardest part of working with multiple colors is choosing them. I have spent hours staring at skeins of yarn trying to decide which colors would work together in a crochet pattern. It can be overwhelming.

Kathy recommends finding color inspiration in other mediums. Choose a postcard, painting, fashion illustration, or fabric that you love; then mimic the colors from your inspiration piece when you are selecting yarn.

Play With Color

This may sounds obvious, but playing with color combinations will teach you a lot about which colors you like. Kathy suggests challenging yourself by choosing two colors that you don't normally use. Then continue to add colors until you create a combination you like. You can also try building a color combination around your two favorite colors. I actually found this a more difficult challenge.

Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf  

Then creating color combinations it is wise to add yellow. Yellow is a color that is not a common favorite, but it makes other colors look good.


The Color Pink

Sometimes colors take on a level of importance beyond their simple shade. When we see a pink ribbon, we think of breast cancer awareness. Like many of you, my life has been affected by breast cancer.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Week, 30% of all Crochet Me Shop proceeds will go to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a great cause, so please join me in supporting them.

Watch Out for Screamers

What are screamers? Screamers are any color that stands out too much and draws the eye, preventing it from moving across the piece. Some colors are frequent screamers. A bright white or stark black may dominate the project so much that it takes all of the attention away from the other colors. That doesn't mean you should never use screamer colors, but play with how much of the color you use. Some patterns, such as those with motifs, may benefit from screamer colors.

Before starting your swatch, place all of your colors together on a flat surface and study them. Does one color dominate the others? Try removing this color or only making a portion of it visible. Then it is important to swatch. A collection of colors may look different after they have been worked into a pattern.

Purchase Colorful Crochet with Kathy Merrick today and start creating colorful crochet creations today. For immediate gratification, download this workshop now.

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P.S. What is your favorite color combination?

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