Pineapple Pandemonium

Okay, I am joining the Capri Cover club. The Capri Cover was designed by Tammy Hildebrand for Interweave Crochet Summer 2012.

Pineapple Crochet

If you haven't already checked out Marcy's collection of Capri Covers in different lengths, I would recommend visiting her "Who Lives in a Pineapple?" blog. The dress length modification is fabulous!

Next to join the club was Sharon. She whipped up her top in just two days. I sat next to her in a meeting one afternoon as she worked on the yoke. Maybe that's where I contracted "Pineapple Pandemonium" fever. Or maybe it was the parade of Capri Covers I saw at the office. They were gorgeous! You can see Sharon's top in her blog "Who Lives In A Pineapple? Part Two."

Capri Cover

This pineapple tunic-length crochet top is a great year-round option. I plan to pair mine with a long-sleeve shirt this winter.  The pattern is exciting and a fun modern take on the pineapple. But I think my favorite part is how quickly this pattern works up. The crochet lace design means it grows quickly and the top-down construction means you can try it on as you go-but keep in mind that it will grow with blocking.

Have you crocheted this tunic? What modifications have you made?

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