Piece by Piece: Motif Afghans

There is nothing cozier than a hand made afghan draped over the back of the couch, folded at the end of your bed, or tucked around you for an afternoon nap. My favorite afghans are those made up of individual motifs, like the Seaside Throw by Rhonda Davis. 

 With motif afghans, you combine your favorite colors in a subtle blend or a riot of color. They are also the perfect project for a little stash busting. I have a growing collection of leftover yarn in my favorite colors just waiting to be combined in a single afghan. 

The Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick, with its patchwork-quilt-like design, would be a great stash buster. Much like the scrap quilts on my childhood bed, I will be able to look at my Babette Blanket and identify yarn left over from a scarf I made for my sister or a sweater I crocheted for myself. 

The Dots Blanket by Kristin Omdahl is another of my favorite motif afghans. It is created by ingeniously weaving together the edging of individual circles, which can be made before the final step of joining them into the finished blanket. If you are creating motifs over a period of time, keep track of motifs you have already worked so you end up with the correct number and size of motifs when you begin joining them into the finished afghan.

What's not to love about crocheted afghans? They make great travel projects, perfect stash busters, and are beautiful works of crochet art. Visit the Crochet Me Shop today and download the perfect stash-busting afghan to warm up your home.

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