Perfect Winter Hat


Sarah Lytle


I used the Spike Single Crochet stitch from the latest Interweave Crochet to create a hat with a cool spike feature, but still warm and cozy for the coming snow.

Materials List

I used just under 1 skein of Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica, which is a 100 gr skein (or 138 yards). I think just about any wool yarn will do though.

I used a K hook, but again I think this is pretty flexible, as long as the first two chains fit your noggin you’re set.

Finished Size

One size fits all (its a beanie!)


I didn’t do a gauge swatch on this, sorry! I rarely ever gauge if its a hat, but if you need help with the sizing let me know and I’ll lend a hand.


The only special stitch you’ll really need to know about is the Spike Single Crochet which is as follows:

Insert hook in next stitch, 1 row down, yarn over, pull loop to height of working row, yarn over and draw through both loops on the hook.

This alternates with a regular single crochet through the pattern to create the spiked effect.

Also, here’s a refresher on sc2tog: Single crochet together. Insert hook into st, wrap yarn once (two loops on hook), insert into next stitch, wrap yarn once (3 loops on hook) pull hook through all three loops.

If you have any issues at all, or want to leave me a nasty comment on my blog, its

The Pattern

*Do not join! Just keep working in the round, marking the first stitch with a marker*

Rd 1: Chain 61 (or however many it takes to fit your head, but it must be an odd number to create the effect we want).

Rd 2: sc in each st (61)

Rd 3- sc in first st, spike stitch in sc one row below the next stitch (this is the spike single crochet), continue this until the end of the row.

Rd 4 – spike stitch in sc one row below first stitch, sc in next stitch – continue this until the end of the row

Rd 5-17 – repeat rds 3 and 4.

(add rows if needed for height after row 17, just continue using rds 3 and 4)

Begin Decrease!

Rd 18: sc 1, sc2tog, sc in each of the next 58 st (60)

Rd 19: sc 8, sc2tog (6 times) – 54

Rd 20: sc 7, sc2tog (6 times) – 48

Rd 21: sc 6, sc2tog (6 times) – 42

Rd 22: sc 5, sc2tog (6 times) – 36

Rd 23: sc 4, sc2tog (6 times) – 30

Rd 24: sc 3, sc2tog (6 times) – 24

Rd 25: sc 2 sc2tog (6 times) – 18

Rd 26: sc 1 sc2tog (6 times) – 12

Rd 27: sc2tog (6 times) – 6

Fasten off, leaving 1.5 inches to sew up top hole.

If you need a brim like I did, join yarn on the bottom, anywhere will work.

Rd 1: Sc in each st (61)

Rd 2: Sc in each st (61)

Rd 3: Sc in the back loop only of each st (61)

Fast off and weave in loose ties.

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