Perfect Crochet Patterns for Dad

Father's Day is in just over two weeks. I have to admit that this one kind of snuck up on me. So I dove into my stash to find the perfect patterns for quick and classic Father's Day gifts, just in case you were in the same boat. Sometimes finding crochet patterns for the men in your life can be the most difficult of crochet tasks.

  Both you and your dad will love the crochet Book Cozy by Laurinda Redding. The geometric design reminds me of Charlie Brown's t-shirt, and paired with one of your dad's favorite books, he will love it. This simple and fast pattern will also give you a chance to learn how to work crochet reversible intarsia. I think I'll have to make one for myself as well!
  Every father needs a good selection of winter hats. And although the first snowfalls are a few months away, your dad will love the Galen's Manly Hat by Ann Lecrivain. This sturdy beanie will keep him warm with a classic play on simple stripes that will make it a fun project to crochet.
  The Marbled eCover by Janet Brani is the perfect blend of modern and classic. Modeled after composition notebooks, this felted eBook cover will keep your iPad or Kindle protected. And you can easily modify the size to fit a variety of eBook devices. Customize the eCover for your Dad by "writing" his name on the cover with thread.
  Gather your Dad's favorite colors and whip up a pair of warm Crochet Slippers by Doris Chan. Perfect for an evening at home, these warm slippers are favorites of several men I know. This pattern come in a variety of sizes for men, women, and children, so be prepared for the list or requests from family and friends.

Have you found the perfect crochet gift for your dad? Download one of these easy patterns today and check out more great Father's Day crochet pattern options in the Crochet Me Shop.

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P.S. What has been your Dad's favorite crochet gift?

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