The Perfect Penguin Placemat from Crochet Animal Rugs

Bring children’s bedroom décor to life with an animal-themed rug from Ira Rott’s debut book Crochet Animal Rugs. In this wonderful collection of over 20 designs, Ira shows you how to create a crochet rug as well as coordinating accessories to complete the theme.

Our penguin placement pattern is free! Scroll to the bottom of this post to download it, and get a feel for the techniques used in the book. This placemat is perfect for a children’s party or Christmas centerpiece, or as a special gift for a penguin-lover (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love penguins?).

crochet animal penguin placemat

13in x 19in (33cm x 48.25cm)

4.25mm (G)

Medium weight (4)
• Black (MC), 136-164yd (125-150m)
• White (CC1), 136-164yd (125-150m)
• Carrot (CC2), 87-98yd (80-90m)

16 dc x 8.5 rows = 4in x 4in (10cm x 10cm)
Gauge ensures the exact sizing, it can be calibrated by using a smaller or larger hook with the recommended yarn weight. However, the gauge is not very critical for this project and your finished size may vary slightly depending on the materials used and your tension.

Ch, sl st, sc, dc, rsc, picot, crest, shell, arch, join

Working in rows and in the round, raw edge finishing, changing colors, working across the bottom of the foundation chain, sewing

If you are a left-handed crocheter, simply follow the exact same instructions, working in the opposite direction. Work clockwise when you crochet in the round or from left to right when you crochet in rows. Left-handed crochet is a mirrored work of right-handed crochet.

Crochet the penguin placement following the pattern and charts for the body, wings, head, eyes, beak, face and feet, then assemble as follows: With RS facing, place the head right up against the top edge of the body and whipstitch across using MC. Flip the place mat to WS and whipstitch across the same seam (10). Fasten off.

Place the face onto the head and backstitch around the edge using CC1 (11). Fasten off.

Place the beak to cover the center bottom edge of the face. Using the long CC2 tail, whipstitch across the straight top edge of the beak and backstitch around the remaining edge (12). Fasten off.

Place the feet on each side of the body, leaving approximately 8 stitches between the feet at the bottom edge of the body. The side edges of the feet should extend beyond the body edge by approx 1¼in (3.17cm).

Thread the needle with 1 strand of CC2 and backstitch around the overlapped edges, leaving the side edges unstitched (13). Do not fasten off.

Flip the placemat to WS and whipstitch across the same edges using CC2 (14). Fasten off.
Weave in all the ends from finishing on WS.

Position your placemat in pride of place on your table then sit back and wait for the compliments!

This penguin placemat is a bonus project from Ira Rott’s Crochet Animal Rugs. If you liked it, find more amazing animal-themed patterns in the book!

Give the Penguin Placemat and Animal Crochet a Go!
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