Peek Inside Marcy’s Crochet Studio

Ty Pennington has me all excited about a new studio, ever since I got a glimpse of his studio in the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios.

I got to looking around at my "studio". Maybe it looks a lot like yours. Take a peek:

Marcy's Studio: The Dining Room Table

Here we find a creative explosion of pages, sticky notes, markers and a pile of paper that will become The Best of Interweave Crochet. This temporary studio for focused tasks has terrific afternoon light.

Marcy's Studio: The Living Room

Artfully laid out on the floor here is the Chain Reaction Afghan, which will be featured in Series 700 of Knitting Daily TV. I really love this part of the studio — the color inspires creativity and the blue couch is festooned with crocheted goods.

Marcy's Studio: The Den (Coffeetable Annex)

Ah! Tidy little plles of works-in-progress await my hands just as soon as I decide between the Seinfeld rerun and The Daily Show.

Marcy's Studio: The Den (Bookcase Annex)

The untrained eye may see piles of yarn. In actuality, they are unhatched projects (though one on the second shelf there is just coming out of its shell).


Marcy's Studio To Go

Here in the tote bag is the tidiest studio: Eight copies of Interweave Crochet on CD for easy reference. So much easier than carrying the actual magazines (which, yes, I did). I do carry them everywhere and use them more often than you'd think.


My take-away from Ty is this: "Edit your stuff! … Stacks and stacks of stuff doesn't make you more creative!" Compressing my magazine stash is a start.

The yarn is next. Probably.

I'd love to know what your studio looks like! Leave a comment and let me know.


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