PDX road trip!

I'm beside myself with excitement. I am a big fan of spontaneity, see, and sometimes I like to find an excuse to do something I wouldn't ordinarily do. Like, say, drive 6+ hours to Portland, OR, just for one night. I've lived in BC for well over 3 years, now, and although I've always wanted to go to Portland, a convenient opportunity hasn't arisen.

Blythe and Amigurumi

Then I saw a link to this exhibit of Behind Blythe at the very cool-looking Just Be Compound. Now, I think Blythe is way cool, but I normally wouldn't travel long distances across borders to see an exhibit, especially since I was recently in Tokyo. But this event has provided just the right excuse to convince my friend to come with me on a road trip.

We've booked a room at a B & B, will spend some hours at Powell Books and Anthropologie, and otherwise revel in a couple of days of MP3s, car munchies, shopping, and Blythe. I've been working hard so I won't have to work this weekend, and I plan to have some fab photos to share upon my return.


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