Patterns with the Luck of the Irish

Do you have a touch of the Irish in you; or do you just enjoy celebrating this festive occasion? It's time to pull out the green yarn and crochet a fun accessory or garment for St. Patrick's Day. And a gorgeous forest green hat, sweater, or skirt transitions seamlessly to everyday wear.

Irish Rose Bracelet by Karen Hoover  

If you are not a fan of green, try your hand at an Irish crochet shawl, wear a traditional Irish crochet rose on your wrist, or create the gorgeous intricate cables of the Solas Caomh baby blanket. We have gathered a collection of our favorite St. Patrick's Day crochet patterns to inspire you. You'll find a variety of crochet techniques, from broomstick crochet to Bruges lace to cables to the already mentioned Irish crochet.

  Snowflake Beret by Doris Chan

So download your favorite pattern, grab a crochet hook and your favorite shade of green (or not green yarn), and whip up something special for this St. Patrick's Day.

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