Passion Flower Wrap

Hairpin lace is traditionally worked in strips and then joined linearly in a variety of ways. Taking small strips and turning them into a circle is a great and fast way to add delicate lace to your motif repertoire! Cinching one length of loops of the strip and crocheting into the other side’s loops creates a beautiful, circular medallion motif. In this gorgeous purple color, it strikingly resembles a passionflower!

The large motifs are joined to each other as you go, and are stabilized with smaller interior motifs that also join as you go. However, I choose to omit the stabilizing smaller motifs along the perimeter because the deep scallops are great for styling, for wrists and neck placement.

Crochet So Lovely: Hairpin Crochet Motif Shawl Crochet So Lovely: Hairpin Crochet Shawl

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