Panda-Monium by Vickie Howell

Photo via Tumblr
Pandas may be more fringe than the mainstream Fox craze, but they're definitely a trend nevertheless — especially amongst graphic design-minded folks and purveyors of Japanese pop culture. Their black and white fur makes them easy to replicate, so whether you're using pen to sketch or yarn to crochet the proof will be in the panda that you've got bears on the brain!    


After designing the Bear with Me mittens I myself became somewhat obsessed with pandas, so ventured out on the interwebs to see where else our furry little friend's mug popped up. Here are just some of the images I found!    See larger versions (and links!) to all of these items, plus more Panda-monium on my Pinterest board!   xx, Vickie 
Panda Collage


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