Pair Your Crochet Sweater with the Perfect Necklace

A couple of days ago I picked up a copy of Jewelry Stringing (one of Interweave Crochet's sister publications). What I found were pages and pages of beautiful and simple bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry that would certainly complement my current and future crochet wardrobe. Yes, I am now adding both handmade jewelry projects as well as crochet garments to my queue. Here are just a couple:

Clockwise: Siegel's bracelet, Spread Your
Wings, Chamomile Cardigan

The Chamomile Cardigan by Doris Chan is the perfect sweater for a relaxing day at home or going out to lunch with friends. The lacy, organic nature of the broomstick fabric is at the same time rustic and elegant. I have never made an entire garment in broomstick lace, and this cardigan is an ideal beginner project.

This beautiful cardigan jumped to the top of my crochet queue the minute I saw Spread Your Wings by Stephanie Larosa. This necklace is a great complement to the Chamomile Cardigan. Featuring a laser-cut wood bird and an assortment of teal glass beads, I think this piece carries its own rustic elegance. And for a new jewelry maker, like me, the instructions look pretty easy. And, of course, I couldn't resist Erin Siegel's bracelet with its tiny nest charm and wooden beads.

  Clockwise: Post's earrings, Cupcake Sweater, Frost on
the Leaves, Tuscany Tank Dress

I am also in love with Anne Vaughan's Frost on the Leaves necklace; I think it might be the bow. Wouldn't this be beautiful matched with the Tuscany Tank Dress or perhaps the Tunisian lace Cupcake Sweater? This is a necklace I could make in several colors and wear for special occasions or to add a touch of that special occasion to my every-day-wear. And you can't forget earrings. I'd probably make something like Donna Marie Post's simple dangle earrings.

And I have to find a crochet project to pair with the Fiji Filigree Set by Chloe Chatenever. I know several people who would love the striking pink and green color palette. This beautiful set is from Jewelry Stringing's "beading on a shoestring" department, so maybe this would be the perfect project for a gift that wouldn't break the bank.

Fiji Filigree Set  

I see a couple pairs of pliers and a few jewelry findings joining my crochet hooks and yarn in the very near future. Subscribe to Jewelry Stringing today and learn to create jewelry to complement your own crochet garments.

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P.S. Do you create jewelry to match your crochet garments and accessories? Tell us about your perfect crochet and jewelry combination. And to find the crochet patterns mentioned above, visit the Crochet Me Shop



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