Padded Crochet and a Rug


I have a couple places in my house that would really benefit from a new rug. But finding the perfect size rug in the right colors is a daunting and expensive endeavor. I searched for months, and then it hit me. Why don’t I just make the perfect rug myself?

I am leaning toward a crochet motif rug. By joining motifs, I can customize the size of the rug, making matching rugs in multiple sizes and modifying the size and even shape to fit a specific location. Crochet motif designs are the perfect project to work in the hot summer months. The individual motifs make great travel projects, and I actually enjoy laying them all out and carefully seaming them together while I watch a nostalgic movie in the air-conditioned comfort of my living room.


The Stained Glass Rug by Jennifer Raymond caught my attention when it was first published last year. I love the look of the multicolored yarn used, but I would also love to work it in solid colored contrasting motifs. Each individual motif is worked by crocheting around piping cord. This technique is often used in Irish crochet, but I have never seen it worked on such a large scale. Can’t you imagine just how soft and wonderful this rug would feel on bare feet?


As I’ve never worked padded crochet before, a little help is always appreciated, and Jennifer has created a wonderful new video workshop to show us exactly how to crochet this rug. Who is with me to crochet a rug this summer?
Learn how to crochet the Stained Glass Rug, how to work padded crochet, and how to work exploded lace by pre-ordering or downloading your copy of Make a Crochet Rug Using Piping Cord and Crochet Motifs with Jennifer Raymond.

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P.S. Let us know in the comments. Do you like crochet rugs, why or why not?

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