It’s looks like an owl/elephant/bunny, and I’m not good with names, so…! I was making this for a friend but didn’t finish on time, so I completed it for, uh, myself. -cough- Don’t be like me; make one for your loved ones!

EDIT:  If you want to link my pattern on your website etc., please notify me.  I’d love to see where it goes.  🙂

Materials List

Yarn of any fiber
4.25mm/G Hook
Yarn needle
Black/white/C1 embroidery floss
Plastic pellets
White felt

8mm plastic eyes

Finished Size

4.5 – 5 inches tall




Inc/dec made in such a way as to create a more circular shape.

ch – chain
dec – decrease
inc – increase
sc – single crochet

st – stitch

C1 – color one

C2 – color two

The Pattern


Before doing anything, cut out a shape for your doll’s face.

Row 1: Magic ring – 6 sc
Row 2: inc around
Row 3: *inc, sc 1*
Row 4: sc 1, inc, *sc 2, inc*, sc 1
Row 5: *inc, sc 3*
Row 6: sc 2, inc, *sc 4, inc*, sc 2
Row 7: *inc, sc 5*
Row 8-16: sc around; I poked holes in my cloth, slotted the eyes in holes, and pinned the face onto the head. I eyeballed my felt before, so I ended up with plastic eyes between Rows 11 and 12 and perfectly placed 6 sc apart. This is a good time to stitch the doll’s face on using your felt because the eyes act as anchors. Don’t forget to add a smile! (You might find a better way to do this; I may have just made it unnecessarily complicated.)
Row 17: *dec, sc 5*
Row 18: sc 2, dec, *sc 4, dec*, sc 2
Row 19: *dec, sc 3*; Start stuffing here with fiberfill (not pellets)…or later. Just don’t wait until you can barely fit anything inside.
Row 20: sc 1, dec, *sc 2, dec*, sc 1
Row 21: *dec, sc 1*

Row 22: dec around

Fasten off. No need for a long tail; hide it!

Ears x2

Use C2 for Rows 1-8. No stuffing needed.

Row 1: Magic ring – 6 sc
Row 2: inc around
Row 3: *inc, sc 1*
Row 4: sc 1, inc, *sc 2, inc*, sc 1
Row 5-10: sc around
Row 11: sc 1, dec, *sc 2, dec*, sc 1
Row 12: sc around
Row 13: *dec, sc 1*

Row 14-15: sc around

Fasten off and leave a long tail.

Arms(C1) x2

No stuffing needed.

Row 1: Magic ring – 6 sc
Row 2: inc around

Row 3-8: sc around

Fasten off and leave a short tail.


Use C2 for Rows 9-13 and 16-19. If you want to add some decorative shapes (I made hearts), stitch them on before or around the second color change. It gets harder to maneuver if you wait.

Rows 1-17 are the same for the body as for the head.
Row 18: sc around
Row 19: sc 2, dec, *sc 4, dec*, sc 2
Row 20: sc around

Row 21: *sc 3, dec*

Fasten off, and remember to leave a LONG tail!


Make it longer, shorter, thicker, whatever you want.

Ch 80 st, turn.

Ch 2, hdc in 3rd ch from your hook and in each ch beyond.

Putting it together!

• Attach ears to the head. I placed mine on the row that the top of the face touches.
• Fill the body with the pellets, but do not fill it completely just yet. I used a small tuft of fiberfill at the bottom so as to prevent pellets from leaking out. You don’t have to do this; I’m just paranoid. 😛 (*option 2: Fill the bottom with pellets, then use fiberfill.)
• Make sure you turn the body so that the color changing rows are not obvious, like to the back. Then carefully begin attaching the body to the head after correctly positioning them together. As you stitch further along, remember to finish continue stuffing.
• Stitch arms on the body. I added them to Row 20.

• Bundle with scarf!

You’re done! Of course, feel free to tweak my pattern in any way you see fit. I recommend, however, sticking to filling the body with pellets and the head with fiberfill. Otherwise it’ll be too top heavy and fall over; I know from experience.

***Please do not take credit for my pattern, or you will be shot. Give me credit for what’s rightfully mine. 😀

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