Organizing Your Stash

Let's go ahead and admit it, we all have an embarrassingly large collection of yarn stuffed into every nook and cranny of our home.  It can really be a wonderful thing to have such varieties at your fingertips when crochet inspiration hits, but if your stash gets out of hand it is easy to forget what you own!

There are many different ways to divide and conquer your mountains of fiber.  Some crafters like to separate by color or by fiber content. Sarah wrote a fantastic post showing her method of sorting by possible project (accessories, socks, sweaters, etc.).  I absolutely love her idea of using a hanging shoe holder to corral both the pattern and its assigned yarn for future projects.

Personally, I just don't know what my yarn will become until inspiration strikes so I prefer to arrange by yarn weights. I generally keep my yarns stored away in either a basket or bin but I do like to have them easily accessible. When I acquire a new yarn, I don't immediately file it away… partially because I like to keep it within eyesight… mostly because I'm lazy. Since my move to Colorado, I have procured a good amount of yarn: it was time to get down to business!

Step 1  was to dump all new yarns on the ground and sort roughly by weights:

As I sorted, I also added to my ever-expanding excel spreadsheet with ALL of my yarns.  Included columns are: weight, yarn distributor, yarn type, fiber content, yardage, amount, color, and possible project ideas.  This probably seems really OCD (it is) but it's handy to have when I'm browsing for my next project.

Formatted as a table, you can easily pick and choose what you would like to see. For example, if I find a lace pattern while I'm at work, I can pull up my spreadsheet, select to see only the #0 or #1 weights.  From there I can decide whether I have enough yarn in the right color or fiber for the project. 

After being sorted, it's time to put your pretty yarn away and out of sight… but wait!  There's a bit of a solution!  Though I generally do store most of my yarn in large ziploc bags and then into bins or baskets, I leave out my favorites where I can see their shiny colorful glory everyday.

Displayed are some of my favorite yarns, arranged from lighter lace weight yarns on the left to heavier weights on the right.  These are either yarns that I'm planning to use soon… or just ones that are quite lovely.

And here you can see my wonderful closet-o-crafts.  The best part is that I can view my fuzzy yarn beauties even when the door is shut thanks to the nifty circular glass window.

How do you organize your yarn? I would love to hear from you!

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