Organization Now!


Tamara Kelly


Organization is one of those things I think I’m a master of… until suddenly I look around and realize things have gotten out of hand (again). Stuff everywhere it isn’t supposed to be, odds and ends piled up  – you know how it goes, right? Suddenly the chaos builds up til you want to shout “Serenity NOW!” And then it’s time to take action! In the ongoing and never-ending battle towards organizing my home, I came up with this week’s free pattern. A fun and easy hanging basket that I’ve dubbed Organization Now!


Materials List

  • US – G, 4.00mm hook
  • 150 yards (3.3 oz) worsted weight yarn in Color A, plus 3 yards of Color B (Bernat Handicrafter shown)


Video tutorials: magic circle; bpsc in a sc row; seamless join

The Pattern

For full pattern instructions, please visit Moogly’s Organization Now! pattern page! Thank you so much – and may you too have Serenity and Organization Now!

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