One Yarn, One Hook, One Summer: One-Skein Crochet

Summer is the season to hike up a hill or hop on a plane—and don’t forget to pack a project. A one-skein crochet project is plenty to keep me busy on a long flight but small enough to tuck in my backpack. If I can pick up a souvenir skein and still have change for a pint, count me in.

one-skein crochet

One hook, one hank, two Twist Cowl/Wraps! Photos by Joe Hancock Photography.

Last-Minute Lace

Some of us plan a range of vacation crochet projects all the way up to home dec and full-size garments, but I pack mine running through the house at the last minute, so I’m lucky if I can find a skein and a hook to match. With a ball of Brown Sheep Yarns Legacy Lace and a size 7/4.5 mm crochet hook (affiliate link), I can make a Twist Cowl/Wrap by Linda Permann—actually, I can make 2 (for about $10). I’ve been meaning to try Solomon’s Knot lace, and this soothing project looks like the perfect place to do it.

Cool Breezes & Warm Feet

Knitting socks might seem great for travel, but there are a whole lot of pointy needles to keep track of and get through security. (Although knitting projects are generally allowed on U.S. flights, many international travelers have arrived safely but needleless at their destinations.) Crochet hooks look innocent by comparison. The appeal of the Diamond Lace Socks by Kim Kotary is undeniable: small enough not to get your lap all sticky, with delightful options for sock yarns. Depending on the yarn you choose, this project can be under $15 or truly decadent, and socks are a summer one-skein crochet project you’ll wear all winter.

Head in the Clouds

I hear that broomstick lace doesn’t require any actual broomsticks. (Good thing. I’m not packing a broomstick on my next hike unless it doubles as a hiking pole.) If I’m feeling a little witchy, though, I’ll try Kristin Omdahl’s enchanting Cables and Lace Broomstick Hat, which uses a fat knitting needle to get big loops and swoops. This hat looks like the perfect project to finish on top of a mountain—even better if you finish it to wear against the chilly wind at the top.

—Anne Merrow

Featured Image: One skein of yarn + 1 crochet hook = Your summer best friend. Photos by Joe Hancock.

What’s your next one-skein crochet project?


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