One Snappy Shrug

A couple of weeks ago, I set up my crochet goals for 2012. One is to make a project from each issue. I started with the Winter 2011 issue, since it's on the newsstands now.

So, on New Year's Day, I set about crocheting the Aslan Shrug. I had already wound three hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky in my favorite color: pinkpurpleorange (Lorna's calls this Bittersweet).

It was uncommonly warm on New Year's Day in my part of the world, so my sweetie and I packed a picnic basket and went to a local lake beach. There, I made my first couple of rounds:

(The yarn kind of looks like festive licorice whips there, but it's really gorgeous.)

Pretty soon after, I had a few more rounds:

It's pretty speedy and the yarn is really scrumptious to crochet with—it's smooshy and the color change is mesmerizing.

When the sun left, so did the warmth, so we headed to a coffeeshop, where I did a few more rounds:

When we were all full of latte, we headed home. And I kept crocheting. So fast that I didn't take any pictures. Before I went to bed, the shrug was done.

It took 2 hours and 51 minutes (including 11 minutes of error-recovery time, which was totally my fault for getting excited and forgetting to actually follow the stitch diagram).

(Yes, I did write down my stop and start times. I can be geeky like that.)

My daughter loves it, which is saying a lot because she's 13. When I put it on she said: "Yeah, business in the front, party in the back." It's like that.

And right here is where I should be showing you a picture of the Aslan Shrug in all its Bittersweet finished glory. 

But, well, this is where it gets truly bittersweet: I wore it at TNNA in Phoenix. And did I think to have someone take a quick picture? Nooooo. Then I brought it to the Lorna's Laces booth, where Beth tried it on (Amanda couldn't try it on because she was wearing a pinkpurpleorange shirt and it would have been total camouflage.) It spent the rest of the show at the LL booth.

And, then — then I forgot to pick it up! So, now it's in Chicago and I'm in North Carolina.

When we are reunited, I will have someone snap a picture and I will share it with you on the member gallery.

I do love an instant-gratification project. And you'll find some of these make-it-today-wear-it-tomorrow projects in every issue. Good news for you and for me, since this will help me fulfill my resolution!

(Have you made the Aslan Shrug? Be sure to share it in the gallery—and let us know how long it took!)

Happy crocheting!


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