One Skein, Two Skein, Three Skein, Four: Quick Crochet Gifts


Breezy Hat

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Looking for a few stash busters that make great, quick gifts or elegant gift or accessory for the holiday season? The possibilities are many and varied, calling for anywhere from 1 skein to 4 skeins. And each issue of Interweave Crochet continues to add projects to my quick-crochet list.

I recently began digging through my yarn stash cataloging perfect yarns for the people on my gift list. I realized I do not have nearly enough yarn in masculine colors, and I have lots of yarns in limited amounts. I have three skeins of soft green Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash, three skeins of deep red Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic, and one skein of Crystal Palace Panda wool, just to name a few of my stash yarns. This prompted me to begin scrolling the online store and paging through old issues of Interweave Crochet for the perfect projects for limited amounts of yarn. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of projects I found.

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Pink Lady Scarf

Spacer 10x10 pixels In the Fall 2009 issue I found the Tahoe Hat and Adirondack Socks that I simply must add to my quick gift list. The Pink Lady Scarf calls for 3 skeins but I could whip up a cute, short scarf for a friend with just two skeins.Spacer 10x10 pixels
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Tahoe Hat

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Island Necklace and Earrings

Spacer 10x10 pixels From the Summer 2009 issue I added the Island Necklace and Earrings and Breezy Hat to my must-make-soon list. Both projects  are a perfect way to use up those partial skeins I can't bear to get rid of but have no idea what I will do with. Either project could be done in a single solid color as well. 

Alpine Front Scarf

Spacer 10x10 pixels The Alpine Frost Scarf from the Winter 2008 issue requires only one skein and is beautifully elegant. This is a good carry-around project as the lovely lace repeat is easily memorized.
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I've already started on the Stone Path Hat for my niece – one of the many free crochet hat patterns in our crochet hats eBook. It calls for three to four balls depending on the size you are making and you have to pay attention to the cables when you get started. But the finished product is a hat you will love giving or wearing. See my blog to crochet along with me as I work.

Check out the online store for other quick gifts and great stash busters. The Four Corners Headband requires only one skein and you can make two headbands—one for you and one for a friend. If you have 2–4 good skeins available, try the Wendy's Waistcoat or (one of my favorites) the Malabrigo Top.
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Malabrigo Lace


I've just skimmed the surface of quick, simple, and elegant projects. Now the question is how many can I finish in the next month and a half and how many new projects will make it onto the list in the coming year.

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