Off to Indy!

Crochet me HQ is being packed up in preparation for the trip to Indianapolis for the TNNA trade show this weekend. I'm so psyched to see loads of awesome fiber people, sign some books, meet new people, and otherwise exhaust myself in the warm Midwest. Then I'm climbing into Shannon's car for a drive to NYC with Cecily. The driving part seemed like a good idea a few weeks ago, but now it only seems like a good idea because of the 11 hours' worth of crocheting I'll be able to do.

The summer issue is still in the works, and I can't wait to put it up around the third week in June. Emails may be slow to reply this coming week (as if they reply on their own and I have nothing to do with it), so please be patient. I'll be busy collecting all manner of wicked stuff to show you and tell you about. Whee!

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