Ode to the Solar Eclipse

I heard a voice say, “Did you get your eclipse glasses yet?”

I glanced at my well-meaning coworker over the rim of my coffee mug. She was holding a pair of square cardboard glasses with flimsy, plastic, dark-tinted lenses. No, I hadn’t gotten my eclipse glasses, I informed her. In fact, the impending solar eclipse had not been more than a passing thought. With the August 21st eclipse date rapidly approaching, I contemplated participating in the festivities, but quickly dismissed the idea when I thought about all of the other projects I currently had on my plate. People in the office had been buzzing about it for months, and plans were being made to trek out to the middle of Nebraska for the best view. Those Cornhuskers aren’t going to know what hit them!

The corona of the Sun as revealed during a total solar eclipse. This part of the Suns atmosphere is only visible to the naked eye during eclipses, as the light from the Suns otherwise photosphere drowns it out. The structure in the corona is due to the Suns magnetic field, channelling charged particles. [Image: Getty Images]

I imagined an endless sea of onlookers sporting their eclipse glasses and relaxing in their lawn chairs. The event was sure to have a fantastic display of Birkenstocks and cargo pants. The image made me cringe. How would a fashion-conscientious-stargazer stand out in a mob of beige and brown? I set out to find the answer. The truth is out there. . . .

A quick search on Interweave.com delivered a solution. Daniela Nii’s Solar Wrap from Interweave Crochet Summer 2013 is a lightweight shawl constructed of cotton yarn. The pattern is worked continuously in five strips, with the final round tying it all together. The wrap is lightweight and perfect for a balmy summer outing. The look is chic and appropriate to the season. It would look great with a summer maxi dress and sandals. I would try to avoid any accessories made of foil, especially hats. So feel free to geek out—and do it with style!

Keep on hookin’ on,
—Dana Leigh

Are You Ready for a Solar Eclipse?


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