NYS Sheep & Wool Festival

Crochet me International HQ is temporarily located in my parents' dining room in Upstate New York. My family visit conveniently coincided with the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY this past weekend, and Mama Crochet me and I drove down to spend the day there yesterday. It was blustery and colourful and filled with fibery goodness.

Highlights of the day included introducing my mom to alpaca fiber, in hopes she'll be able to wear it since she's super-duper sensitive to sheep's wool; enjoying the lovely foliage before it all gets blown away by the feisty and determined wind; meeting many uber-soft angora rabbits (Mr. Crochet me calls them freaky bunnies, but I think they're cute); and briefly chatting with the fabulously friendly and just-as-cool-as-I'd-always-figured-she'd-be-in-real-life Amy Singer, editor of knitty.com.

I wish we'd had time to grab some cider, but Amy was rushing to finish up her adventure so they could start their loooong drive home to Toronto. Hopefully we'll meet again soon.

Of course I bought yarn. I was tempted to buy lots more, but I held off. I'll tell you why in a minute.

The cream-coloured yarn on the left is 100% alpaca from Hampden Hills Alpacas. Like my mom, I'm pretty sensitive to wearing wool against my neck and chest, and I want to whip up a scarf with this yarn to see if I can tolerate it. The multicoloured yarn in the middle is 100% angora (so scrumptious), and the label doesn't say who made it, and I can't remember. I do remember that she was very friendly, and the yarn was spun by hand from the rabbits she raises. I most certainly will be able to wear this yarn as a scarf (notice from the photo of me and Amy that this yarn perfectly matches my new fall coat), and I plan to start it tonight. Finally, on the right is more 100% alpaca yarn, this time from A Touch of Twist. I got around 1330 yards of it, and I will knit a cardigan out of it (I'll try to squeeze my first cables in, if I have enough yarn).

So, why did I hold off on stocking up more? Because on Thursday I'm going to meet up at School Products in Manhattan with my new-again 7th grade friend. In true karmic magic, we will both be in NYC on the same day. I am so stoked my head could spin. And if I am sure of one thing in this world, it's that there's no going into School Products and leaving empty-handed.

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