nothin’ but goodness

Greetings from Burbank, CA! My, my. Can you think of a less intimidating room of strangers to walk into than one filled with a bunch of crocheters and knitters? I didn't think so. This conference is more fun than a truck filled with yarn dumping its contents on your front lawn.

I've met readers of this very site! It's been trippy, and pretty excellent. Hello!

So. Since I haven't heard from any of you with requests, I'll share a couple of things.

First, here I am in my hotel room, with the gorgeous centerpiece I won at breakfast (thanks, mom, for having your birthday be the closest to today's date!):

The centerpieces were made by the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers, and they were all stunning. How will I get this home?

There was a spectacular fashion show during the breakfast, and I hope to share all about it in the next issue of Crochet me. Lily Chin totally rocks. That's all I will say for now.

And here's a view from my hotel room:

Take note: There is nothing more gratifying than a conference "special hotel rate" that actually makes an amazing hotel room affordable. Wheeee!

More tomorrow.

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