Notes from TNNA

Wimi had a blast checking out the yarns and people at TNNA. Here's a little bit of what she saw.

Here with her new Peruvian crocheted friend, Smith, Wimi is under the spell of a new acquaintance. She declined the offer of a beer, but regrets that she can't tell you more. The babe in black is the creation of Mary Beth Temple.

Here, Wimi and Smith hang out at the ballpark for the TNNA Stitch n Pitch at Huntington Park (great fun, though Wimi has the same story: She declined the offer of a beer, but regrets that she can't tell you more about the game).

She met a new BFF:


This is Laura Patterson, with a freshly signed copy of Cookie A's phenomenal Sock Innovation. Laura, of Fiber Dreams, has already cast on Wanida.

Over at the booth, Interweave was taping Knitting Daily TV. And to prove that the series really does feature crochet, here is Kristin Omdahl wrapping up her chat with Eunny Jang:

(I know some of you may be thinking that Wimi has some kind of mad crush thing going with Kristin Omdahl, but really, it's just coincidence)

There's more. But as Doris Chan says: "What happens in Columbus stays in Columbus."

So we leave you with this image. Wimi getting home on the last flight out of Philly:
Really. That is The. Last. Plane. Usually there are two boards full of flights. (At least there was one.)

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on the Solomon's Knot, to help you along with Dolores, the featured download with the Summer issue of Interweave Crochet.


(and Smith and Marcy)

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