Northeast, I’m a’comin’

It's time for my annual Passover trip to New York and Boston (well, next week)! I haven't gotten my act together to catch up on laundry, or anything, but I wanted to remember to mention it.  I'll be in each city only for a short time and I'll be visiting lots of family, but I'd love to carve out mebbe a coffee or beer or yarn store stop and meet up, if you're interested. Interested? I still won't have had a haircut, so it'll be a prime opportunity to snap a picture of me for public ridicule at your discretion. Drop me an email or a comment – I'd love to meet you.

I got a wicked and unexpected FedEx delivery today, which was the only good thing to happen in a day peppered with PMS, coffee spilled all over me (my fault), zucchini-walnut bread with hidden raisins (raisins make me want to barf), and delayed counter installation in our kitchen that is sitting idle just waiting to be finished already. Sigh. More about the package soon. It's sitting on my desk. And it's directly related to this.

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