No Scissors…Now What

I imagine we have all been there. You sit down in a quaint coffee shop or bookstore, pull out your latest crochet project, and relax as the yarn slides through your fingers and the project forms before your eyes. But as you reach for your scissors to fasten off, you realize they are in another bag or sitting on your counter back home.

This same predicament befell me a few weeks ago as I sat in a meeting. The amigurumi project I was working on,Funky Stuffed Toys from Getting Started Crochet, required frequent color changes and a quick perusal of my bag refused to reveal the glint of a pair of scissors. I glanced to my left and to my right. The person on my right was embroidering and the person on my left was knitting a single color scarf. I knew I could lean over and quietly send a whispered plea for a pair of scissors, but I didn't want to distract anyone from the speaker. Unwilling to simply stop crocheting I stared at my project. Perhaps the solution would suddenly come to me.

As the color changes all occurred on the same edge of the piece I didn't want to carry the yarn and bulk up that edge. And while I could have worked over the unused yarn I didn't want to add the slight increase in height this would give the piece. Instead I created inordinately long carries that could later be cut in half and woven into the fabric.


This little trick worked for the color changes, but what about when I needed to begin an entirely different piece. That one puzzled me for a short while longer. With not better ideas coming to mind, I created a long, decidedly loose chain before beginning the tighter, evener chains to begin the next piece. The loose chain could be cut later and unraveled before weaving in the loose ends.

My mother always said necessity was the mother of invention and these tricks worked well in the absence of scissors. What tricks have you found or do you manage to keep your scissors handier?


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