No Pastels Allowed!

We've been on quite a few adventures together over the years, dear Crochet Me friends. And now a grand, new adventure looms before me, and I could really use your help. Fire up your imaginations and your bookmarks folder! Here's what's up.

Last week, my partner and I completed our application to adopt a baby (I've written about adoption on my blog, if you're interested in more of our story). Now we're waiting to be chosen (that's how it works with local adoptions – a birth mother picks the family), and we have no idea how long that wait might be. We're very relaxed about it all, but of course I'm feeling compelled to make a bunch of baby stuff. And if our wait is a long one, well, that's a lot of time to spend crafting.

Hexagons Baby Blanket

This weekend I started a baby blanket in some super-soft, super-machine-washable yarn. I'm joining the hexagons as I go but, as you can see in the photo, I'm leaving the ends loose till I'm finished because I'm a masochist.

I've got some bootie projects lined up, and of course I'll be making the Berry Baby Hat from Crocheted Gifts. But I'd love your recommendations. Leave a comment with links to the projects you've loved making and that the babies in your life have loved wearing and using. I'll compile all the projects I love into a post in a couple of weeks. Here are the parameters:

  • Simple and quick! I have a short attention span and a lot of other stuff going on. I'm not looking for heirloom-quality baby projects, just good-ole, down-home ones I'll enjoy making. Let's not kid ourselves into thinking these things won't get drooled on, barfed on, and eventually dragged through the mud.
  • No cheesy pastel baby colours. I hate pastels, and my kid is going to be clad in vibrant colours. You'll notice I use some not-very-saturated light colours in the hexagons, but they're balanced out by bright ones. Yes, of course I can change the colours if you recommend a pattern that's photographed in glittery pink baby yarn, but I suppose what I'm getting at is that I'd like your help to find awesome, very specifically NOT cheesy, NOT saccharine baby projects.
  • No gendered projects. We don't know if we'll become parents to a boy or a girl, so clothing's gotta go either way. (Regardless, I hate the entire concept that certain colours are for girls and others for boys. Let's not go there.)
  • Allow me once more to emphasize the no-cheese factor. Words that will not apply to our hopefully-future child: precious and darling. Words that will apply: awesome and cool.

Ok, crocheters. Start your engines. Let the comment-baby-pattern-fest begin! (And thanks, in advance. This is gonna be fun.)

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