Next up: Which sweater?

Peace FleeceOk. I'm gonna join the KO. I won't lie and say I wasn't swayed by your comments. I was. And that Amy commented almost immediately and so enthusiasticly and with such a siren song of shirt description certainly helped.

So now I must choose which of two sweaters I will knit. Both are cabled cardigans; both are knit in one piece save for the sleeves (pretty much); each has the potential to be a favourite. I'm under no illusion that I'd complete either sweater, so my goal in the KO will be to complete the body.

I have 6 hanks of Peace Fleece worsted weight yarn (shown at left), and I've narrowed my choice to these two (in a nod to Amy's influence, they're both from Knitty):

  • From the current issue, Forecast. I don't much like bobbles, so I'd leave those out (plus, it looks like knitting bobbles is a pain in the butt). I like the shaping. The cables are simple, and I think I'll definitely have a shot at reaching my goal.
  • From the Fall 2005 issue, Samus. Overall this is a simpler knit. Having never cabled, embarking upon that bottom bit first will be a good challenge, and I have no idea how long it will take me. Could take much longer than will allow for me to finish the rest of the body in just 16 days. Also, there's all that stockinette — it might bore me to tears, or it might be perfect to cruise through while watching hockey. I love the cable. And I'd use a frog closure, maybe, and I think the finished sweater will be gorgeous.

So, which one should I make?

PS I'll still be crocheting; no worries! I'm actually working on a design for a book (not my book, someone else's book), which is proving to be wicked fun.

**Updated** Dude. It's kismet. On the day I'm joining the KO, I'm also going curling. There will be photos. 

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