New Tunisian Crochet Videos

About two years ago I picked up my first Tunisian crochet hook. At the time I had never heard of Tunisian crochet, but I was fascinated by this technique and gamely picked up the extra long hook. The first Tunisian pattern I worked was the basic Tunisian simple stitch used in the La Mer scarf. I spent several hours figuring out how to work the stitch. Now I love Tunisian crochet. Inspired designers continue to explore the possibilities of this technique, and I continue to lean new stitches.Now you can find technique videos on Crochet Me that will illustrate several Tunisian stitches. Interweave Crochet is also continuing to include patterns that illustrate the beauty of this stitch.

Check out the Introduction to Tunisian Crochet video for information on this technique and the tools that are required. Then check out the videos for the Tunisian set-up row and Tunisian simple stitch.

If you are as hooked on Tunisian as I am, you can move on to the Tunisian purl stitch and Tunisian knit stitch.

You can also find videos to help you through the Twisted Tunisian stitch used in the Aubrey’s Jacket and the checkerboard pattern used in Lily Chin’s Mesa Pullover as well as joining the squares of the Forest Petal Shawl.

Enjoy learning more about Tunisian crochet!

Best wishes,

   Mesa Pullover (Winter 2010)                             Aubrey Jacket (Winter 2009)                           Sunset Ruana (Winter 2009)
    La Mer Scarf (Summer 2008)                             Katharine Vest (Winter 2009)                          Forest Petals Shawl (Spring 2010)


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