New Month, New Face and a New Crocheted Project!

Hello fellow crocheters! I am Sarah Read, the latest addition to the Interweave Crochet team. A long-time fan of the magazine and Interweave Press in general, I am thrilled to be assisting Marcy and Toni with keeping Interweave Crochet and Crochet Me fabulous.

I learned to crochet ten years ago and have not been able to put down my hook since, unless I needed both hands to grab more yarn. I love to crochet lace shawls, garments, and strange creatures for my son. I have a particular interest in the history of crochet and the remarkable ways in which crochet was used during the Victorian period. I look forward to sharing my passion for crochet with all of you and hope you'll share yours with me. Here's to the start of a great new friendship!

As crocheters, we can sometimes spend weeks, months, or even years with a single project. It's just part of the fun. But every once in a while, it's nice to sit down and crank out some instant gratification. With warmer weather and travel season approaching, small projects are a crocheter's best friend!

So I've been nosing around for inspiration for projects that won't heat me up or weigh me down. For me, that inspiration often comes from Piecework Magazine's facsimile edition of Weldon's Practical Needlework(Interweave 2004). An hour spent flipping through those volumes and I usually have more ideas that I can shake a hook at. The hard part is weeding out the ambitious, heirloom Victorian hook-work and focusing on a few pretty and practical elements.

This time, my inspiration came from Volume Ten, from the above illustration of a sideboard cloth trim. The picots, arches, loops, and threaded ribbons are, for me, quintessential old-time elegance. So with my crochet thread at the ready, I dove in and came up with this lacy pink bracelet.

There's nothing quite like sitting down after dinner, hook in hand, and having a finished piece before bedtime. (Well, I might have pushed bedtime back a little.) I'm quite fond of this little bracelet, which is good, as I am going to make several of them while I adjust my pattern so that I can share with you! I'll keep you posted about the pattern's development on Crochet Me.

Meanwhile, please let me know where you get your inspiration for small projects. If you need a little help, try a stroll through some back issues of Interweave Crochet or check out the patterns in the Interweave store for  ideas for small projects to keep your hooks happy!

Until next time,

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