New Free Crochet Patterns: The Final Clones Lace Motifs

Have you tried any of the clones lace motifs from the Interweave Crochet Fall 2011 through Fall 2012? I know people who have created stacks of these delicate motifs, and I can't wait to see what they create.

But if a shawl or garment created entirely of little thread motifs seems a bit intimidating, why not try crocheting them in yarn or embellishing with these traditional motifs. Interweave Crochet Assistant Editor Sarah Read created a beautiful placematt embellished with the Clematis motif.

Here is Sarah to tell you about the newest Clones lace motifs-available in a free download:

Crochet Clones LaceNew Clones Crochet Motifs

At last! Sound the fanfare: the final Clones motifs are now available for download! We're sorry for the delay on these ones, crocheters. There were some unforeseen complications in the works, but we're thrilled with the enthusiasm you all have for preserving this art and translating what has so far been an oral tradition into modern media for everyone to enjoy. We're so eager to see all of your finished projects! Be sure to post them in the galleries here on Crochet Me, or email them to us directly at [email protected].

I've been hooked by this new Clematis motif, myself. I think every project is improved with a flower!

Happy crocheting,


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