New ‘do & new issue

When my hair stylist of two years was on holiday back in April and I was desperate for a trim, I made an appointment with another stylist at the same salon. She rocked my world, and I made the (awkward) switch. As an added bonus, my new fabulous hair stylist is a crocheter. Imagine the enjoyment of chatting about our favourite craft yesterday while the scissors went snip snip and the hair went 'bye 'bye.

I told her about my newest find: the Phildar crochet hook.

My closest LYS just started carrying them, and I picked a couple up on a whim. Holy rapid stitching, Batman! These babies are like the Addi-Turbos of crochet hooks. And the thick, plastic handle is the perfect size for my pencil grip doohickeys. A Google search turned up zilch, so I don't get the impression these puppies have been around long, at least in online stores. And since they're Phildar, they may not be available in the US. Has anyone else used one?

Anyway, my fab stylist hadn't considered that there's such a variety of hooks out there.* Imagine! She's been using the same few hooks for years. When I started crocheting I pretty much stocked up on several hook varieties and went to town. What about you? When you see a new kind of hook do you snatch it up and try it out? Do you prefer different hooks for different types of yarns or projects? Do tell!

We're a little sick, chez Crochet me, but our next issue is looking In. Credible. It's a bit slow going due to the sluggishness, but be prepared for our best issue yet. We're getting a mascot!

* I'm now around 8 inches lighter, and have made a mental note to bring a Phildar hook to her when I go in for my next cut.

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