New Crochet App Crochets While You are Away

I need more time to crochet. I have several baby hats to finish, a baby blanket and sweater to start, a crochet sweater to finish before next fall (maybe), and I really want to finish my Rapunzel Scarf! If I could crochet all day every day, you wouldn’t be able to pry the crochet hook from my hands.

Crochet Away allows you to to finish your crochet projects while you work.

New Crochet Away allows you to to finish your crochet projects while you work.

But I’m an adult and that means I should probably clean the house, buy groceries, and my boss would prefer I go to work. So many wasted hours that could  be spent crocheting.

Necessity is the mother of invention my mother always says, and we at Crochet Me have finally figured out a way to finish those crochet projects even when you can’t crochet yourself.

The Crochet Away app let’s your computer, tablet, or phone finish your crochet while you are stuck working on your adult responsibilities. And it’s perfect if you develop second sock syndrome or get sidetracked by a new crochet pattern.

Rapunzel ScarfJust load the digital pattern into the crochet app, plug the special crochet hook into your tablet, phone, or computer, and press Go. The app will automatically shut off and save it’s location when it runs out of yarn, and if you want to work on the project yourself in the evening, you can restart at any place in the pattern.

Download your Crochet Away app today and Happy April Fool’s Day!

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P.S. Do check out the Rapunzel Scarf. It’s easy and fun. You’d never want to turn the crocheting over to a computer.

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